Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Snowball Fight

Longing for cooler weather? Why not have a summer snowball fight?

Items needed:
Plenty of white pantyhose (check your local dollar store for these)
Lots of flour (25+ pounds)

Fill the bottom of one pantyhose leg with 1-2 scoops of flour. Tie as close to the top of the flour as possible and cut it off. Tie the next section of pantyhose and repeat until you have multiple snowballs. Make sure everyone in the snowball fight wears darker colors so you can see where you've been hit.

Be prepared for a bit of a mess, but great photo ops. The flour flying through the air in your pictures really makes it look like it's snowing!

Tip: Use leaf blowers to clean the flour off the kids before they come inside. And be sure to clean the flour in the yard up before the sprinklers turn on.


Kelly said...

Let me know when you actually do this. I wanna watch!

Jennica said...

Ya - I will for sure be there to watch too.

Lisa said...

What time and when? Kelly's yard right? Sweet!

Natalie said...

Yeah. Kelly's yard for sure. Especially since they'll be out of town!

Jenn said...

Count me in! Sounds like fun! And then lets have a water fight! And then we can play with the messy paste it will make! Kelly's house right?

sherbear said...

Ohhh that looks fun! What a great idea!!

nicole said...

What a cute idea! I'd love to see it in action! Maybe one day I'll get brave (after we buy the leaf blower) ;)