Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Everything Needs a Place

I have found it impossible to be organized if everything does not have a place. Think about your own home. What things get left out? What items pile up? Does your house feel cluttered?

  • You can make things so much easier if you create a place or a home for each and every item. If your bills tend to stack up in a pile on your kitchen counter, try buying a basket to hang on the wall just for bills.
  • If you have piles of clothes, laying around, is it because your closet or your dresser is too full? Maybe it's time to make some clothing donations so you can clear enough space in your closets and dressers to fit all of your clothes.
  • Are the cleaning supplies a jumbled mess under your sink? Buy a plastic container to corral everything. Not only is it great to give those cleaning supplies a home, but it's handy when you have to clean a room in another part of your house. You just pick up the container and go.
  • Do your kids have collections and tiny odds and ends that tend to pile up in random places? Give them a treasure box or a small container and let them decorate it and make it theirs.

I started this process a year ago. Since then I've consolidated and created spaces for every trouble spot in my house. It makes putting things away so much easier and it makes finding those items easier when you need them.

I issue this challenge to you today. Find one thing/group of things that needs a proper place. Identify the need and solve it. Buy a cute container or label a shelf for those items. Whatever it is, start with something small and continue until everything has it's own place.


Lisa said...

This is the motto in our house - my kids have gotten it. We have the most organized playroom ever and when the kids clean it up I hear them say things like "don't put that there she will know!" LOL!