Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Color-Coded & Labeled Containers

Happy October! Have you pulled out your Halloween decorations yet? I started this afternoon, but got stopped in my tracks when I realized that the totes all look the same. Some have labels and some don't. (For those of you who know me, you're shocked, I'm sure!) So today my post is organizational advice for myself and for any others who want to organize their holiday decorations.

1. Buy storage totes that are all the same size. It makes stacking and storing them easier.

2. If you can, buy the colored totes. They make orange and black ones for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, and pastel totes for Easter. If you keep your eyes open, you can probably find about any color to coordinate with your holiday.

3. Label, label, label! Make your labels detailed. For example, I have one container with pumpkin decorations. I use the Avery adhesive address labels and I put a pumpkin icon next to the title "Pumpkins". I make sure to stick the labels on the side of the container that faces outward.

4. Next I make a list of all the items that are stored in that box. I print the list on Avery adhesive paper, trim to size, and stick that beneath the title. This makes searching for just the right item easier and it makes putting the decorations away easier too. Hubby knows just which container items go in and they get packed back up so they all fit!

5. As you buy or receive new decorations, keep a list of them and update your content list when you pack your decorations back up at the end of the holiday season.

Hopefully these tips will help you organize your holiday cuteness. Happy decorating and even happier organizing!


jill said...

I never thought to sticker-label what was inside the box. That is a great idea

Jennica said...

I love the label idea too.

Julie said...

I love the idea of color coding the storage totes with the holiday. Oh, and I only use "Avery" labels! :)