Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Family Command Center

(Photo courtesy of

I love the idea of having a family launch pad or a family command center. Check out these links for fantastic ideas for creating your own launch pad.

Article on how to create a family launch pad.

Hallway family command center

Wall-mounted command center

Small spaces around a door

A custom mud room/launch pad


Lisa said...

I love this blog Nat! My mouth honestly started drooling when I saw this picture - I love it!!

This is my dream to have a family command center!

Natalie said...

Except, instead of green mailboxes Lisa, yours would be blue. I'm totally envisioning it!

Jennica said...

I drool over pictures like this... I LOVE IT!!

jill said...

I need something like this because I am a total dump-at-the-doorway-aholic!