Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Arranging Books By Color

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I love the idea of organizing your bookshelves by color. I need to buy more colorful books before this will work for me, but check out some of these amazing colorful bookshelves. It's another unique idea to add decor and order to what could otherwise be kind of boring.

1. Rainbow bookcase
2. 2 bright rainbow bookcases
3. Flickr rainbow bookshelf
4. An amazing rainbow bookcase with lots of books


Lisa said...

I love the way it looks! We recently reorganized the boys book shelf, but it is baby books, little kid books and then big boy books - the kids crack me up - but hey it's organized!

Jennica said...

Oh my - My OCD loves that - I looks super cool.

Kelly said...

Wow, that could really spur a new DI shopping hobby - looking for books with just the right color cover, not necessarily the book. How fun! Now I just need a great bookshelf to get started.

Julie said...

One of my really good friends did this in her home and it looks so awesome. She has a lot more books than I do, but it made me want to start collecting books just for this purpose.

Jenn said...

It reminds me of the sense of sure enjoyment I feel when I walk into a home furnishing store and see all the towels folded so perfectly and organized in their respectible color family. Kohls has the best towel display.....It really does excite me!