Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top Ten Uses for Pencil Boxes

You can find pencil boxes for cheap this time of year. Walgreen's had them 2/$1. You can't beat that! I use pencil boxes for more than just pencils. Here are the top 10 ideas for ways to organize with a pencil box.
1. Store batteries - I buy batteries in bulk from Costco, but the packaging is big and bulky. I come home and dump the batteries into the pencil cases and they're neatly organized by size.
2. Make a nail kit - Include fingernail polish, remover, cotton balls, files, nail clippers, and all the nail accessories that seem to get lost under the bathroom sink.
3. Individual art kits for the kids - Dump out a box of crayons, a small notepad, and a pencil. Label the boxes for each of your kids. You have something to grab in a pinch when you need to entertain the kids in the car, at church or in a waiting room.
4. Corral the cords - I keep all the camera, phone and iPod chargers in a box.
5. Stash small office supplies - I keep a mini stapler, ruler, pens, pencils, markers, etc. in a pencil box in the kitchen.
6. Medicine chest on the go - Put vitamins, medications and first aid items in a box and take it with you on the next family trip.
7. House miscellaneous tools and junk drawer items - I use a box to store the miscellaneous small household stuff that ends up in the junk drawer (grabbers, sawtooth hangers, zip ties, etc.)
8. On-the-go Shower Kit - Throw in a mini bottle of shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor and a washcloth and you'll have a shower kit to throw in your bag for a vacation.
9. Sewing Kit - Store all those extra buttons you get on clothes when you buy them. Store a couple of spools of thread and some needles, a stitch picker and some scissors and you'll be all set the next time you need to sew on a button.
10. Store collections - If your kids are like mine, they collect stuff. For my kids it's rocks. These boxes are great for storing small collections...seashells, rocks, cards, stickers, etc.
What other ways have you used pencil boxes?


Kelly said...

You forgot pencils! That's the extent of my imagination.

Jennica said...

I love pencil boxes too and use them for everything. I am not surprised that you love them as much as me... we usually think like that. LOL!

rochelle said...

I love your website!!! I'm so glad you found me on facebook. I am going to use some of your suggestions for school boxes. Great ideas!!!!

Pia said...

These are great ideas.
I also like to use them to store hair accessories. I have a separate one for each typ of hair accessory (bows, barettes, bands, etc).